For some people, real estate is an exciting career choice. For a select few, however, real estate is far more than simply a job. Michael Briggs is a prime example of the latter, a property professional for whom assisting his clients to achieve a truly exceptional result is a genuine passion.

Michael has spent most of his working life assisting people to make the most of their property dealings, whether acquiring investment properties in order to secure their financial security or buying and selling property in the highly competitive bayside property market. Indeed, Michael is acknowledged as an independent expert on the bayside suburbs, often being called upon to provide advice and guidance to property owners in this area.

In fact, Michael’s commitment to excellence saw him appointed to a number of key management positions, gaining experience internationally, as well as partnering with Government to develop a $120 million film and television production complex. In the end, however it was his concerns about the systemic short comings of the real estate industry he worked within that saw him join Vendor Advocacy Australia as an Advocate, a move that has allowed him to take his service to an entirely new level.

As Michael often tells his clients, “I love working with Real Estate, always have. I particularly love the opportunity this role gives me to help people in achieving major changes in their lives. Very few jobs give you the chance to assist people in making such important decisions, and even less give you the chance to make a real difference to the end result. The look on a client’s face when you achieve an outcome they didn’t think was possible is priceless.”

Over the years, Michael has established an enviable reputation for consistently obtaining superior results for his clients. It is a commitment to excellence that is reflected in the numerous glowing recommendations he receives from his clients. So if you are looking for a level of service that is worthy of your own glowing testimonial, then Michael Briggs and the team at Vendor Advocacy Australia are the right people to call.