There’s an old saying that there’s no substitute for experience, and in the case of Michael Scudds it is obvious how true this is. In over 25 years in the real estate industry Michael has earned an enviable reputation in every area of the business from Victoria to Queensland, from Commercial to Residential and from property management to sales, working with a range of clients from large Owner’s Corporations to individual home owners. It is this depth of experience that allows him to provide such knowledgeable advice to each of his clients.

Having raised his own family before more recently discovering the joys of grandparenthood, Michael has a real empathy with the aspirations and concerns of his clients. He understands the challenges of maintaining a balanced family life whilst selling a family home, which is why he takes so much pleasure in not only being able to offer the right advice, but also being there to make the whole process less stressful.

Another aspect of Michael’s commitment to service is best demonstrated in many of the glowing testimonials he has received from his clients. So many of these home owners with first-hand knowledge of Michael’s dedication mention his willingness to “go the extra mile” for his clients. As Michael will tell you, he is never satisfied with a result until he has exhausted every possible opportunity to improve it.  Even when achieving one of his career highlights, selling a property for a client at a figure that was $500,000 over their reserve, he was still trying to get them a little more!

So if you are looking for a trusted advisor who is ready and able to take a weight off your shoulders when you sell your property, Michael Scudds is a great person to have by your side.