Interior design trends

What Pinterest teaches us about interior design trends

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with what’s popular among the interior design trends around the world, one guide worth following is what’s known as the Best of Pinterest Report. This annual report analyses the posts of various users of the popular social media platform by identifying popular posted images then tracking the number of ‘pins’, or images tagged by users.

Interior design trends in 2017

According to the Best of Pinterest 2017, some of the interior design trends we should be watching out for this year include watercolour wallpapers, (like the example in the photo), plywood kitchens, 1970’s style furniture, green tonings and herringbone style tiles.

Watercolour patterns were one of the most popular themes on Pinterest. The report indicated that user engagement for watercolour wallpapers had increased by 248% in the past year, whilst “watercolour” as a general search term was up by 31%.

Stepping back in time

Another interior design trend that came through strongly in the report was retro furniture, particularly in 70s-inspired interiors where bohemian peacock chairs, shag rugs and vinyl record players attracted high levels of engagement.

Statistically speaking, posts regarding plywood kitchens were up 182%, part of a 19% overall increase in DIY furniture generally, pared-back clothing rails were up 80% copper home accessories were up by 67% and concrete bathrooms by 56%.

Plants in bathrooms and green tiles were also popular on Pinterest during the year, as were eco-friendly kitchens, reflecting an overall increase in environmental awareness.

Getting advice before you redesign

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