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Property presentation upgrades you can do over Easter

If you’ve been watching property values rising over the past few years, and are thinking that the right time to sell and capitalise on that growth is getting closer, then you may be looking around your home wondering what you can do to ensure that your property presentation is at its best.

Obviously, one way to do this is to arrange a visit from a professional Property Stylist. Indeed, this is a service that we often arrange for our clients at Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy. However, there are several jobs that you can tackle immediately, particularly when you have an extended weekend available such as the upcoming Easter break.

A property presentation short-list

A few days dedicated to cleaning and freshening up your property can often get most of your property presentation concerns under control. So, here’s a few ideas on what you might tackle this weekend:

  1. De-personalise: It is easier for buyers to see themselves living in your property if they aren’t seeing too many signs of your family living there. Try putting all those family photos and personal memorabilia out of sight.
  2. De-clutter: Buyers will find it difficult to appreciate the space your property offers if they are having to look past too much furniture and other clutter. Think about improving your property presentation by putting surplus items in storage…this will also help to make your move easier by starting the packing process.
  3. Deep Clean: By going beyond the normal weekly house-keeping you can give your whole property a fresh sparkle. Dust all the heating and cooling vents, get in a window cleaner to help bring the outdoors inside, wipe down everything from your light switches to your door knobs, make sure your appliances are sparkling (yes, including the oven), ensure your window furnishings are super clean, and pressure clean all those paths and decks.
  4. Decorate: It’s amazing the difference that an extra splash of colour can make to your property presentation. Fresh flowers, a throw rug or extra cushion, even a variety of fruit in a bowl in the kitchen can have an impact.
  5. Delegate: Last, but not least, don’t try to take it all on yourself. A smart property seller knows that the quickest and easiest way to improve your property presentation is to call on friends and family members. Remember, many hands make light work, and the added benefit is that these people can look at your home objectively, i.e. through the eyes of a buyer, and point out issues that you may well have overlooked.

Advice on property presentation

Of course, if you’re not sure what needs to be tackled, or you’d like some more specific tips on how to present your home for sale, our Vendor Advocates are always happy to help. And if making the most from your property sale is upper-most in your mind, you’ll find many more helpful tips in our booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, so why not get your FREE copy while you’re here on the website.

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