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September: Prime time for deck maintenance

Now that Spring has officially arrived in Melbourne, (we assume the weather will catch up some time soon!), many home owners will be starting to think about outdoor entertaining. That makes this month an opportune time to find out what the Winter may have done to our outdoor decks and attending to some deck maintenance.

Many home safety and building organisations advise that the major injuries commonly occur around the start of Summer as a result of rotting timbers in decks and balconies. Keep in mind that these areas are out in the weather throughout Winter, so the additional damp and effects of cold weather can make a big difference in just a few months. Unfortunately, the first time that a home owner might become aware of this is when a few friends gather for the first barbecue of the season, and the timber starts to give way!

Consider some deck maintenance now

Where does your deck maintenance start? You can begin by taking a good look at the timber and joinery of these areas of your home, looking for any signs of rotting timbers, separating joins or even rusting nails. If you are unsure, considering getting a professional building inspector to take a look. You can also consider replacing any compromised nails with screws, and removing any built-up moss that people may slip on.

The dangers of ignoring deck maintenance

In past years, balcony collapses in several states have resulted in several injuries and deaths. Key industry bodies like the Architect’s Institute have advised that “The legal and insurance issues that can follow a balcony or deck collapse can be all-consuming, especially if a coronial or insurance investigation finds that the deck or balcony has been illegally built or badly maintained”.

With this in mind, our advice is to take great care when attending to deck maintenance or even if you are building your own deck or balcony. If you tackle these jobs without the right approvals and techniques, you could potentially be creating a serious legal headache for yourself further down the track.

Avoiding the pitfalls when you sell

Correct property maintenance is just one of the issues that can affect your result when you sell your property. If you need an experienced and helpful advisor to help you avoid many of the other traps that can affect your property sale, our team at Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy is more than ready to assist. Feel free to call us on 1300 400 400 for obligation-free advice, and you’ll find lots of helpful tips in our free booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”.

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