Where to start your renovation

Right then…you’ve made the big decision that the time is right to renovate your home. No doubt you’ve watched your fair share of reality TV and are convinced you have the renovation skills and creativity to give the place a fresh new look. What’s more, you’re keen to create the concept yourself rather than getting in a professional designer…but how can you be confident that your ideas will all come together once you’re finished?

Planning your renovation

One way of mapping out your decorative plans to be sure they work together is to use a tool that many professional designers and property developers often utilize. It’s a design aid that you may know as a “Mood Board”. A Mood Board enables you to place different paint and fabric samples, print outs from your internet research, a tile sample or a strip of timber all in the one place to see just how well they work as a combined theme.

Importantly, this method also gives you the flexibility to try different variations on specific elements of your decorative dream without extra cost or wasted effort.

Renovation is a personal choice

Another tip you’ll find useful, particularly if you are keen to really personalize the end result, relates to how you search tools like the internet for ideas. Rather than just making a note of the designers or sites that you like, try looking at what it is about them that appeals most. For example, if your three favourite interior designs all have a similar colour theme, or an unusual finish, then you probably already have one of the building blocks of your own personal decorative statement.

Advice of all sorts

Always keep in mind that if part of your motivation for renovating relates to selling your property at some point in the future, then it is crucial to get some independent advice about the risks of overcapitalisation before you start. The good news is, our Vendor Advocates are a great source of information in this area. You’ll also find lots of helpful tips on making the most from your property sale in our FREE booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, so why not get a copy while you’re here on the website?


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