Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation – more than just the look

Anyone who has planned a bathroom renovation will be familiar with the exciting options that are currently available as far the overall look, the fittings, materials and colours. But one aspect of bathroom renovations that often get overlooked is how easy it will be to keep clean and tidy on a daily basis.

With this in mind, here’s a few tips that you might want to consider when planning your next bathroom renovation.

  1. Tiled walls are easier to clean

One way to minimise time spent cleaning or maintaining walls is to tile them. Painted walls tend to show the dirt, and wallpapers tend to wear more quickly, particularly in bathrooms where damp is often an issue.

  1. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean

In choosing your tiles, keep in mind that textured tiles are harder to keep clean than a smooth surface, particularly in high traffic areas. Larger tiles are also easier to clean as they mean fewer joints.

  1. Wall-hung fittings are easier to clean

One way to make cleaning your bathroom floors easier is to have fewer items to clean around. A wall-hung vanity unit and toilet will unclutter your floor area, as will avoiding unnecessary nooks and crannies when planning your bathroom layout.

  1. Mould reduction strategies

Mould is often the number one issue in wet areas, so reducing places for it to grow is a great way to make bathroom maintenance easier. Extraction fans and opening windows or skylights will also help.

  1. Look closely at your shower doors

Before you finalise the design of your shower, consider how easy it will be to clean. For example, a hinged shower door is usually easier to keep clean than bi-fold or sliding doors, as they have less places for mould or limescale to collect.

  1. Storage is important

An uncluttered bathroom always looks cleaner, so don’t leave yourself short of storage space. Consider the areas behind the mirrors and under the vanity as space to reduce the clutter.

  1. Do you have hard water?

Last but not least, if you live in an area where hard water is an issue, use white grout in your tiling rather than a darker shade. Hard water tends to cause a white bloom which is very visible on darker grout, which will add to your cleaning tasks.

One other key point is that if you are thinking about a bathroom renovation as part of a plan to sell in the near future, make sure you talk to one of our team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates first! Whilst we won’t be helping you choose the tiles; we can help you avoid spending money on changes that won’t make an impact on your eventual sale price.

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