tips on adding a swimming pool

What to consider before adding a swimming pool

It’s summer, many of us have been spending more time at home in recent weeks, plus the kids are home from school and looking for ways to stay entertained. It all adds up to a fairly convincing argument to at least consider adding a swimming pool to the back yard, right?

Well, before you start negotiating with the s pool company, here’s a few important considerations that you might want to think about…


One of the first questions to ask when you consider adding a swimming pool is whether it’s possible to get the pool in at all. If you don’t have direct access through a side fence, you need to be sure there’s space to crane the pool over your house, and that your driveway can withstand the crane’s weight. If you have branches or trees blocking the crane, you may also need a council permit to remove them.


You need to be sure there are no sewer lines, drain pipes or underground cables that might be impacted by your pool works. You also need to look up for any electrical wiring or phone lines above the pool site too. A good place to start checking is the Dial Before You Dig website.


If you build your pool in a low-lying part of the block, you may have issues with mud and debris in your pool after heavy rain. Also, avoid too much shade, as the water will warm more quickly in open sunshine, and you’ll have less issues with leaves dropping into the water too.


Think about where the wind comes from in your yard. Not only can exposure to wind increase water evaporation, which will mean topping up the pool more often, but exposure to wind will make swimmers feel colder when they are getting out of the water.


Even if you have a fixed price contract for adding a swimming pool, many people overlook the extras like landscaping, regular pool maintenance services, extra tiling or decks, pool fencing, shading plus your outdoor furniture. Oh, and don’t forget the pool toys for the (big) kids too!

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