want to render your home

Before you decide to render your home…

One of the options for people considering updating their home is to weigh up the pros and cons of rendering the exterior or some interior walls. But before you render your home, it’s worth giving some thought to whether the end result be what you want and, if you decide to proceed, the best way to achieve your desired look.

Here’s some tips on what to consider:

Will it fit? One factor that is often overlooked is whether your property will still fit the overall character neighbourhood. It’s one thing to ‘make a statement’, but before you render your home be sure it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Choose the right render. If you decide to render your home, you then need to choose between a traditional cement render (which will come as separate materials supplied in bulk) or a polymer modified product which is usually supplied in a branded bag.

Consider your preferred finish. Keep in mind that traditional cement render will dry solid, grey and brittle and is more susceptible to cracking. The surface be fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted.

Consider using an acrylic coating. There are several commercial acrylic coatings available when you render your home that offer options in textured finishes and colours, water resistance as well as flexibility that can reduce cracking on your exterior façade.

Then there’s the cost. Always get a minimum of three quotes from experienced tradespeople who can demonstrate their past work and are fully insured. Costs will vary depending on the materials you want to use, the finish and the detailing, so make sure you know what you want before sourcing your quotes.

Last but definitely not least…if you are weighing up whether to render your home as part of a plan to prepare it for sale, be sure to chat with one of the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates before you start. Not only can we save you money by advising you on what the buyers will respond to, (and what they won’t), but in some cases you might be better off selling your property without an expensive update. Of course, if you’d like more helpful tips on selling your property, you’ll find our free booklet, “FATAL REAL ESTATE TRAPS EXPOSED”, a source of lots of helpful tips. Feel free to download a copy while you’re here.