mood board tips

Decoration plans? Start with a mood board

If the arrival of Spring has got you thinking about decorating, whether you are rebuilding, renovating or simply giving a room a fresh look, a mood board is a great way to start clarifying your ideas and defining the styling ideas that appeal most to you.

Sure, you could make use of a professional designer, but if you want to create the concept yourself and be sure that you end up with the overall style that is yours and yours alone, you could take a hint from the designers themselves by creating what is known as a “mood board”.

A mood board allows you to place various paint and fabric samples, print outs from your internet research, clippings from magazines, a piece of a tile and a strip of timber all in the one place to see just how well they work as a combined theme.

Importantly, this method also gives you the flexibility to try different variations on specific elements of your decorative dream without extra cost or wasted effort.

One tip that many people find useful when searching the internet for ideas is not just making note of the designers or sites that you like, but also what it is about them that appeals most. For example, if your three favourite interiors all include a specific colour, or an unusual finish, then you probably already have one of the building blocks of your own personal decorative statement.

You’ll also find it helpful to choose a mood board format that works best for you. Some people prefer to create a digital mood board on their tablet or laptop, using free tools like Pinterest or Instagram to build their image library. You’ll find there are quite a few apps out there to assist you if this is your preference. Others prefer the more old-school format of a cork board or similar, (as demonstrated in the scrapbooking example pictured), pinning paper images to suit.

Of course, if you are approaching this decorating project with the resale of your property in mind, you may find it helpful to talk with one of the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates before you start, just in case your plans won’t actually change the value of the property in the eyes of the buyers.

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