lighting and renovations

Don’t overlook your lighting when renovating

It’s a curious contradiction, we know, but whilst people place a real emphasis on the presence of light when looking for a home, it is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a home when people are renovating…at least until the renovations are completed!

Whether you are undertaking a major renovation/extension that changes your floorplan, or you are simply updating a few rooms with a change of colours and fittings, it’s worth considering how you can use your lighting to enhance what you are hoping to achieve.

In general, there are three types of lighting to consider.

Utility Lighting. This type of illumination is there to perform a specific task. For example, is there enough light over the kitchen benches to allow you to prepare a meal comfortably, and is there sufficient lighting over your computer desk to ensure you aren’t straining your eyes whilst working from home? Also keep in mind that it’s best not to highlight an area that is not designed to be a highlight.

Ambient Lighting. This is the most common form of lighting in the home and will vary depending on how a room is used. Ambient lighting impacts of the overall impression a room makes when people walk in, so think about using softer lighting in areas like bedrooms, while the impact of your entrance foyer can change with strategic spot lighting.

Accent Lighting. Using lighting to emphasise specific features of your home can make or break your renovation. If you are using certain colours and textures to create a feature point in your home, accent lighting can complete the picture. Of course, this can also play a major role if you are upgrading your outdoor living areas as well.

As we often remind our readers in these posts, if you are considering renovations as part of a longer-term plan to sell your home, be sure to have a chat with one of our Advocates before you start. This can help you avoid incurring costs that might have no impact on the sale price you receive!

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