what to plant for a spring sale

Following the scent of a Spring sale

One of the most common tasks undertaken by home owners when they start preparing for a Spring sale is to make sure that their front garden makes a great first impression on buyers. However, whilst most sellers understand the value of getting their garden “looking good”, they often overlook that the best gardens appeal to more than just one sense. So, whilst visual appeal is important, it is worth giving some thought to the sound of a water feature or wind charms, the feel of velvety leaves and, in particular, the perfume of scented plants.

Perfume can be a powerful attraction

Never underestimate the impact that seasonal scents can have on those who visit your property. Ask any couple that have been together for a long time…Scents can be a key element of many memories in a way that very few other stimuli can, whether it is a memory of your first meeting, a reminder of early childhood or a wedding bouquet. Floral scents are also very effective even when the sun has disappeared, and you can’t see the flowers.

Scents to enhance a Spring sale

With the Spring property market just beginning to build some momentum, the time is right to consider adding some the power of fragrance to your property inspections.

Some of the scents most commonly associated with Spring in Melbourne come from plants like Daphne, whilst this is also the time of year when bulbs such as Jonquils (pictured) and Freesias are making their presence felt all over Melbourne. Other options for springtime fragrances include flowering shrubs like the traditional Lilac, (although these can be a little challenging to grow for some people), Gardenias and Lavender.

Whilst many home owners may be reluctant to plant a tall-growing species purely for sale purposes, plants like Frangipani (in frost-free areas), the Chinaberry (or Cape Lilac as it is sometimes known), or some of the more fragrant flowering cherries can also enhance a Spring sale.

Getting the right advice when you sell

Preparing your property to make the most positive impact on buyers is just one of the many ways that the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates can assist you when you’re considering selling your home. If you would to read through our booklet “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, you can download a free copy while you’re here. Alternatively, you might prefer to give us a call on 9430 0000 when it’s convenient.

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