autumn garden tips

Getting your garden Autumn-ready

With so many people spending extra time at home over the past year or so due to the various lockdowns, quite a lot of Victoria homeowners have rediscovered the joys of getting their hands dirty whilst adding to the visual appeal of their garden.

So now that the heat of Summer seems to be behind us, and the extra gardening time of the Easter weekend just a few weeks away, we thought this might be the ideal time to share some tips on some productive jobs for your Autumn garden.

Here’s some tasks you might want to consider:

Refreshing your lawns

The Summer provided more rain than usual this year, so most lawns are looking greener than usual. However, if you want them stay healthy through the coming Winter, this is the time to fertilise your lawns as well as aerating compacted areas and top dressing if required.

Check your irrigation system.

The extra rain over Summer has also raised the possibility of over-watering your garden beds, particularly if your system does not include rain sensors. So, if you haven’t already done it, consider turning your watering system down or off completely. You may also want to bring your indoor plants outside the next time it rains to give them a rinse and a refresh.

Autumn vegetables

If you’ve finished harvesting your Summer vegetables, and keen to grow a new crop of seasonal vegetables through Autumn, be sure to top up your beds with fresh compost and manure and allow them to settle before planting your next crop.

Plan for some Spring colour

If you’re keen to add a splash of colour to your garden, (particularly if you’re considering a Spring sale and want to make a positive impression on potential buyers), planting bulbs in Autumn is a great way to achieve that. Bulbs are fairly easy to grow, but be sure to pick a spot that gets some sunlight.

Time to trim

There are many different reasons to prune trees. Not only can you improve the overall appearance and health of your trees, but you can clear away dying or dead branches and remove extra branches that may be rubbing, allowing extra light between the branches and encouraging new growth. So make sure your secateurs and loppers are in good working order!

Don’t waste your waste

Rather than throwing all your garden waster out in your green bin, why not consider making a compost bin part of your own garden program? Compost is a natural fertiliser that is not only good for your garden, but it can save you money as well. Autumn is a great time to start making compost, and you can add your kitchen scraps as well.

Preparing your garden for sale

If part of your motivation for getting into the garden is to prepare it for sale, either during this strong Autumn market or later in the year, you’ll find some additional helpful tips in our free booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”. You can download a copy while you’re here on our website, or you can have a hard copy sent to you in the mail. Just give our friendly Customer Service team a call on 9430 0000.