jobs for the winter garden

Jobs for the Winter garden

At this time of year, most of us would rather stay inside where it’s warm rather than get out in the garden. However, by attending to a few key tasks in your Winter garden you can not only ensure that it stays healthy at this time of year, but you can also ensure that your home will look its best once the chills give way to some Spring sunshine.

It’s time to give your bushes a trim

Whilst your lawn won’t need as much mowing at this time of year, Winter is the ideal time to trim all those bushes in the garden that have become a little uneven or overgrown during the growth season.

Give your Winter garden a protective coat

Most Victorians live in area where the temperature can drop below zero at night. Freezing temperatures can damage a lot of plants, but you can help them survive by adding a layer of mulch to your garden beds, which help insulate them from extreme temperatures. Mulching is also a reliable way to protect flower beds from the heavy rain that we often experience in Winter and Spring.

Consider companion planting

Companion planting is a popular option for those who like to grow vegetables and herbs at home.

This involves planting specific plants together to help keep pests away. For example, if you plant garlic close to your roses, it will discourage aphids in the coming Spring.

De-clutter your Winter garden

If you haven’t done so already, make sure that your garden furniture has been stored safely for the Winter, along with all those garden tools that are often placed for handy access during the warmer months.

The rain is coming

Don’t forget that the two wettest months of the year are yet to arrive. If you haven’t cleaned your guttering yet, it will pay to do it now rather than dealing with water damage in Spring.

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