kitchen trends in 2020

Kitchen trends to look for in 2020

It is well known among real estate professionals that one of the rooms that has the biggest impact on buyers when selling a home is the kitchen. It is also the room that plays a key role in daily family life. So it’s not surprising that kitchen renovations are one of the most popular topics for homeowners when they start considering updating their home.

Because it’s such an important room, we would strongly advise getting some experienced professional advice before starting a kitchen renovation. Indeed, if you are considering updating your kitchen prior to selling, you need advice on whether this will be a cost-effective way of enhancing your sale price at all.

In the meantime, we thought you might be interested in knowing what some of the kitchen design professionals are saying will be popular kitchen trends in the year ahead.

  1. Clean lines. In recent years there has been a definite trend towards minimising the impact of cabinet handles or knobs in favour of seamless cabinets and hidden edge-pulls, and this is expected to continue in 2020.
  2. Co-ordinated splashbacks. After a period where coloured glass, mirrors, stainless steel and feature tiles have all had an impact, many designers are moving towards using the same finishes in splashbacks as they do in benchtops. Just be aware of the minimum distances between cooktops and splashbacks if you are using engineered stone.
  3. Island benches. The popularity of island benches has grown, due in no small part to the influence of reality TV cooking programs. Designers say that we will see more double islands, and gravity-defying islands with extensive overhang (pictured). Keep in mind that island benches and peninsulas often replace a dining table in today’s homes.
  4. Splashes of colour. With so many kitchens using classic whites or greys in their cabinetry, some designers are using a pop of colour to create a highlight that draws the eye. You may see this in an appliance or hood, or in a specific section of cabinets. As we mentioned in recent our article on Colour trends in 2020, one option that is likely pop up here is a deep blue.
  5. Sustainable materials. Given the growing focus on our changing climate, sustainability has been an important focus in construction in recent years. Not surprisingly, this has extended to kitchen design, with environmentally friendly materials and finishes gaining attention.

As we mentioned earlier, renovating a kitchen is a major task that should not be undertaken without careful thought…particularly if you are considering selling. That’s why the experienced, independent advice of the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates can be so beneficial.

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