Having entered the real estate industry back in 1983, there is very little that Luke Scanna has not encountered, dealt with and assisted his clients in handling. Market conditions that ranged from credit squeezes, recessions, sky rocketing interest rates or booming property prices, Luke has seen it all. So it is no surprise that Luke’s clients find his advice and guidance so valuable when it comes to getting the best possible results from their sale…no matter what the market is doing.

Not only did Luke run his own residential real estate business in Melbourne’s northern suburbs overseeing twelve staff, he also furthered his knowledge with several years experience providing specialist advice on accommodation for retirees. Indeed, his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry saw him selected to teach the real estate representatives course to up and coming property professionals at NMIT for many years.

As is often the case with those who know an industry inside and out, Luke grew to recognize the short comings of the real estate world and the way it treated its most important clients, the vendors. As someone who took pride in achieving outstanding results for his vendors, he recognized that far too often sellers were receiving advice that put the agent first and the vendor’s best interests second. It was this that saw him start looking around for a better alternative, a search that ended with his arrival at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates.

Since being appointed as a Vendor Advocate, Luke has enjoyed the opportunity to work one on one with his clients without the restrictions of managing staff. As he often puts it, “I love having the freedom to devote my efforts purely on making my vendor’s sale as smooth and hassle-free as possible. I understand their concerns and appreciate the responsibility and trust my clients place in me to ensure that they achieve the kind of result that others would say is impossible.”

With Luke Scanna and the team from Ian Reid Vendor Advocates working on your behalf, you can be sure that your property sale is in very experienced and knowledgeable hands indeed.