understanding smart home technology

Making your home a smart home

In recent times it seems that one of the terms that is gaining increased usage whenever people talk about home improvements is the “smart home”. For those who are unsure about this term, a smart home is a residence that has technology which is designed to carry out automated functions. One common example of this is lights or heating which turns on automatically.

What are the benefits of a smart home?

  1. Saving you time

By automating your home, you can ‘set & forget’ a number of daily functions, including some tasks like turning off appliances when you leave the home.

  1. Saving you money

Many smart homes make use of timers, or pre-determined schedules, which can save you money by reducing utility bills. One common example of this is a system that turns off your power when it is not required.

  1. Making life easier

Whether you are turning on your security lights from your phone just before arriving home, or turning on your air conditioning as you leave the shops, a smart home can certainly enhance your daily routine.

  1. Giving you peace of mind

One of the key benefits of a smart home is increased security, whether you want to see who is at your front door while you are at work, or just want to be sure that your doors are all locked whenever you go out.

Understanding the technology

Some people are reluctant to invest in creating a smart house because they are unsure about the technology. This is understandable given the different types of wireless technology that are used nowadays. However, keep in mind that most of the different technologies are designed to work behind the scenes, so the way you control each product is normally similar.

From our discussions with several home owners who have invested in a smart home, the best idea seems to be to decide exactly what you want your system to do, then utilise the services of an experienced expert to install the technology. That way you only need to worry about which buttons to push on your phone.

If you’re not sure about what you want your smart home to do, make sure you get a system that is expandable to you can add additional functions in the future.

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