the move to retirement living

Making the move to retirement living easier

Getting your head around the move to retirement can be a challenge for many older Australians. Your weekly routine changes, your financial priorities change and your housing needs change. Fortunately, for a growing number of Australians, the move to retirement living can be made much easier with the support of Ian Reid Vendor Advocates.

The move to retirement living can have major financial implications for you and your family, so it is vital that the decisions you make now are fully informed and are based on objective advice that is focused on YOUR best interests, not someone else’s.

The property market has changed

Chances are that it’s been quite a while since you last dealt with a real estate agent. Things have changed in the way agents work, the methods of sale you can use, not to mention the expectations of buyers. But with Ian Reid Vendor Advocates by your side, you can be sure that your best interests are protected every step of the way.

Support every step of the way

If you’re planning a sale to make the move to retirement living, that move is so much easier when you have the support of someone who knows the property market well and who can provide emotional support as well, ensuring that you can avoid unnecessary stress or pressure. Your Ian Reid Advocate can not only help you select the right agent but can take care of so many of the details in preparing your property for sale, oversee the Agent’s performance and maximise negotiations on your behalf. We can even help you find your next home if you’d like.

Presentation issues taken care of

One of the major concerns when making the move to retirement living is how to present your property to be competitive in today’s market. This often includes the task of de-cluttering the home to show off the available space, moving furniture around, getting the garden sorted and organising storage while the property is on the market. Rather than calling on family members and friends for assistance, the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates can organise these tasks for you.

The move to retirement living made easier

If you are planning on making the mover to retirement living, be sure to talk to the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates about the additional assistance they can provide at no extra cost to you. Whether you need help with the gardening, de-cluttering, arranging storage or professional property styling, help is just a phone call away. You can call us on 1300 400 400 for obligation-free advice at any time.