Regional property market

Making your regional move easier

No doubt, you’ve seen media coverage of the number of Melburnians who have packed their bags and made the move to regional Victoria, with those numbers growing during the past two years in response to the trend towards working from home rather than commuting each day.

If you are one of those Melbourne residents who are still weighing up a move to one of the regional centres, you might be interested to know that you are definitely not alone.

A recently released report from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, entitled Understanding what attracts new residents to smaller cities, has revealed that as many as three-quarters of Australians would consider moving from a capital city to a regional town under the right circumstances, whilst just 16 percent have indicated that they are happy to stay put in the city!

The report is a result of research conducted by three Universities around the country, including RMIT. The research surveyed more than 3000 Australians aged 18 and older were surveyed about their preferences for city or regional living in January and February last year, while the pandemic was still impacting people’s day-to-day movement.

Interestingly, the main factors mentioned by survey participants as impacting their choice of mid-sized regional centres, rather than more remote locations, related to factors such as the threat of fire, floods and drought.

Statistics like these are particularly relevant if you are a Victorian who is considering making a move to one of our regional centres in the near future, as strong demand has made many of these markets particularly competitive for buyers.

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