sustainable choices when renovating

Making sustainable choices when renovating

With the focus on environmental sustainability seemingly growing by the year, you might be interested to know that there are a number of ways to make an impact on your environmental footprint when you are renovating your home.

One of the easiest ways to make an impact when renovating is making sustainable choices in the materials you use. So here’s a summary of some of your options.

Recycled materials. By choosing to use recycled material in your home you are not only reducing the impact of production of new materials, you are also reducing the volume of material heading for landfill. Your options could include reclaimed timbers, recycled metals, or perhaps even asking whether plastic concrete, (a new form of concrete that incorporates recycled plastics in its manufacture), is appropriate for your build.

Engineered timbers. This material is usually a composite of some of the timbers you might have used previously, but makes use of waste materials and creates a strong building material that is an alternative to concrete or steel in some construction processes.

Cork flooring. This material was popular in the 70’s but has had a return to favour recently as it is durable, pest resistant and is highly sustainable as it is made from the bark of a tree that allows you to re-harvest very decade or so.

Vinyl window frames. This durable and low maintenance option is a recycled material that is considered to be more energy efficient than timber or aluminium alternatives.

Insulation. Last but not least, it’s worth considering options like hemp or kelp-based polyurethane foam, polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, or even sheep’s wool.

One final note…If you are considering renovating your home to prepare your property for sale in the near future, our advice is to discuss your options with one of the team at Ian Reid Buyer and Vendor Advocates BEFORE you get too far into floorplans and paint charts. You may find that your property is already ‘market-ready’ in its current condition without spending the time and money on an upgrade.

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