March Market Update

Market Update: March

It’s difficult to believe, but when I sat down to write my last Update (just over a month ago) the words ‘coronavirus’, ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ didn’t even get a […]

Market Update: October

Market Update: October

There’s been quite a bit of media coverage in recent months on the shortage of available stock in the Victorian property market. What many people still don’t realise, however, is […]

Market Update: May

I’m pleased to report that the picture is looking clearer for the Victorian property market following the federal election, whilst the release of some positive news items during the past […]

March property update

Market Update: March

The changeover from Summer to Autumn is now behind us, which means we are now able to make some informed judgements about how the Autumn property market is performing across […]

Market Update August 2018

Market Update: August

Welcome to our latest snapshot of what has been happening in the Victorian property market. As I mentioned in last month’s Update, the real estate market has certainly ‘taken its […]