getting your property presentation right

How much could property presentation cost you?

Now that the Spring property market is up and running, one of the first issues that a home seller needs to consider is how to maximize their property presentation without over-spending on improvements that won’t improve the price they receive. This is where experienced and objective advice from someone who knows what buyers are looking for is so important.

Getting advice on property presentation

One of the ways that an Ian Reid Vendor Advocate can assist you when you sell is to show you how to get your property ‘market-ready’ without over capitalising. Because we have first-hand knowledge of what is currently happening in the market, and can identify what type of buyer is most likely to find your property appealing, we can assist you in deciding what, (if any), property presentation improvements could enhance your sale price.

Putting a value on presentation

Every property is different, just as every market is different. However, a survey of home buyers made some interesting discoveries about how we view the importance of property presentation. The survey found, for example, that close to 90% of buyers said they would make a lower offer under a property’s asking price if they were dissatisfied with the exterior.

This survey also found that the average discounted offer by buyers in this situation was 13%, that one third of buyers said they would offer between 15-20% less that the asking price, whilst 8% of buyers said they would reduce their offer by a full 25%. That’s a big price to pay for not getting your property presentation right, isn’t it!

Avoiding potential traps when selling

Not getting your property presentation right is just one of the potential traps you should avoid when selling your home. If you’d like to know about some of the others, you can read all about them in our book, Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed. So be sure to get a FREE copy while you’re here on our website.