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Open House 2019 is coming

For those with a love of architecture and history, one of the most popular events in Melbourne is the Open House weekend. The good news is that the 2019 edition of this annual design showcase is coming up on the weekend of July 27th and 28th.

For those who may not yet have discovered the joys of this enlightening weekend, the Open House concept was founded in London in 1992 with the aim of enabling the wider community to engage with the architecture of their local city, and to discover some of the options that a quality built environment can provide.

At a local level, Open House Melbourne was started in 2008. Since that time this innovative idea has enabled more than 220,000 people to enjoy over 900,000 visits to more than 900 different sites across Melbourne. These efforts have been supported by more than 5,000 volunteers!

This year’s Open House will enable access to around 200 significant commercial and civic buildings, private homes and infrastructure landmarks. These will include some of Melbourne’s most interesting historical, contemporary and future-facing concepts in architecture and environment. There are also 45 special events, tours and talks happening as part of the July program.

The organisers of Open House say they have structured their program so that most participants should be able to see five buildings on each day of the weekend. These include an opportunity to explore the Westgate Tunnel, residential construction tours led by emerging architects and hospitality tours featuring some of Melbourne’s dining institutions. If you’d like to know more about this year’s Open House, or to book for any of those events that require it, you’ll find all the details on THE OPEN HOUSE WEBSITE.

Of course, if all this architectural inspiration gets you thinking about making a move in 2019, the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates are always happy to provide you with guidance and advice. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 9430 0000.