"We're by your side
every step of the way."

Our proven 8-step process helps you take the
uncertainty out of selling your home.


Knowledge Is Power

Get Informed

Your essential first step is to read our booklet "Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed", which outlines the common mistakes that home sellers make and guides you on how to avoid them. Download it for free. Then a face-to-face meeting with one of our experienced Vendor Advocates will fully inform you on your best selling options and set you on the right path.



Presenting your home

To assist our vendors with really nailing this, we arrange a complimentary property stylist to meet with you, to help you improve the little things that make a big difference. For more presentation tips, you can also download our Property Styling Guide.


Agent Pre-Selection

Agent Shortlist

Ian Reid Vendor Advocates shortlist the best agents for your sale. We personally take them through your property, one by one, before having them complete our comprehensive 'Agent Submission' form.


Compare The Market

Agent Comparison

We’ll compare, contrast, dissect, and deliberate over the Agent Submissions, so together we can make the right call on selecting the best strategy, agent, and pricing for your property.


Plan For Success

Marketing Plan

By this stage we have a clear strategy, it’s now all about the implementation. We map out a detailed process calendar to put our plan into action. This keeps the agent accountable to their commitments, so we’re best placed to have your home sold in an ideal timeframe.


Always Staying Informed


Fluid communication is the key. We ensure you are fully informed every step of the way. All communication is comprehensive, consistent and crystal clear, so we’re proactively working towards your ultimate outcome.


Securing a Top Price

Buyer Negotiations

If you want a stunning sale price, it’s essential to have a seasoned negotiator in your corner. Whether by auction or private negotiation, Ian Reid Vendor Advocates follow a proven process that eliminates doubt that the best result has been achieved. Speak to an Advocate to find out how.


It's Not Over Til it's Over

Support to Settlement

We’re there to assist with whatever you need, right through to settlement. Indeed, it isn’t over ‘til you’re over the moon.


Want To Get Started?

Take the first step and get informed today with our free "Fatal Traps" booklet.

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