tips on photographing your home

Photographing your home takes preparation

One of the key elements of any successful property marketing campaign is the quality of the photography. Quality photographs can help to make a favourable first impression when buyers are searching the internet or the papers, and they can certainly help your property stand out from your competitors. Sao it is very important to prepare your property carefully and ensure that due care is taken when photographing your home.

Photographing your home requires experience and skill

Over the years we have found that taking the time to get the best possible photographic images can make a real difference to the results each vendor achieves. This is why our team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates take the time to screen every property image before approving them for use.

Every property is different, but there are a few key tips that apply to every situation when photographing your home. They include:

  1. Use a professional. Trying to save a few dollars by taking the photos yourself or using a friend is short-sighted. This can reduce the response you get to your advertising, and therefore reduce your sale price. Always use a professional photographer who has experience with real estate work.
  2. De-Clutter. Any form of clutter tends to look twice as bad in a photograph. Before the photographer arrives, make sure you clear your kitchen benches, take all the magnets and messages off the fridge and put the kids’ toys away.
  3. Show the benefits. You are selling a lifestyle, not just “bricks and mortar”, so it’s worth looking at ways to emphasise that when photographing your home. Putting bubbles in the bath or having the outdoor table set up for breakfast can add to the appeal of your marketing.
  4. Don’t tell the whole story. You want to give buyers enough encouragement to come and see your home, but you want them wanting to know more. So, don’t show them the whole house before they get there.
  5. Time of day. As good as your property may look on a bright, sunny day, many homes look fantastic in twilight with all the lights on. If you decide to try photographing your home in twilight, however, make sure all the lights (inside and out) are working before the photographer arrives!
  6. Decoration. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget that fresh flowers and a fruit bowl can add colour and warmth to the blandest of rooms.

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