privacy plants

Plants that add to your privacy

The Melbourne property scene has seen a number of changes over the years, and one of the more noticeable trends that tends to divide opinion is the increase in smaller block sizes and unit developments. The inevitable result of this move has seen many Victorians living closer to their neighbours, with more demand on enhancing the privacy of the space you have.

If you are keen to enhance your privacy at home, and would like to do that with a living screen rather than higher fences, we thought you might like to know about some faster growing plants that can enhance your privacy.

  1. With its large leaves which are an eye-catching red colour when new, the Photinia Robusta is a hardy plant that will grow up to 5 metres tall. Its unusual colouring means it can be used as a focal point in the garden.
  2. The Pittosporum Tenuifolim is a hardy screening plant that grow well in most gardens. There are several varieties available which grow from 3 to 5 metres high, enabling you to choose the right colour (or colour combinations) to suit your existing garden.
  3. Whilst not quite as tough as the Pittosporum, the Lilly Pilly has been a popular option to enhance privacy in Victorian gardens for many years. It will grow up to 5 metres tall in a relatively short time, and produces small berries that some people use in jams.
  4. Bamboo has been a popular choice around Melbourne for many years. However, take care to select a clumping variety, rather than a running variety, as the latter can spread quickly and become a pest.
  5. If you have a preference for native plants in your garden, the Callistemon (or Bottlebrush) is a popular choice as a screening plant. Depending on the variety, a Callistemon can grow close to 10 metres high which is a bonus if your privacy is being impacted by an upstairs extension.

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