polished concrete tips

Would polished concrete suit your home?

If you are considering giving your home a facelift, one of the questions that you may be asking yourself is whether to look at renovating from the ground up…literally by starting with the floor.

Whilst many people are turning to polished floorboards to replace older carpets, vinyl or tiles, another option that has caught the eye of some renovators is polished concrete floors. So, here’s a few tips on what to consider before deciding between concrete and timber.

Style: First and foremost, just because something is fashionable doesn’t mean it will suit every home. Polished concrete can make a real statement with the right furniture and decor, but can also look out of place in other situations, so don’t rush in.

Durability: Polished concrete definitely has the edge over timber floors when it comes to longevity.  Timber can be damaged by moving furniture, heavy traffic, even high heels, whereas it takes quite an impact to damage a concrete floor.

Maintenance: Like the durability question above, concrete is a much easier surface to maintain than a timber floor, as the latter usually require repolishing every three to five years to keep the surface looking good. Concrete is also far less likely to sustain water damage.

Choices: Just as the use of different timbers can change the impact on a room, there are a number of different finishes that can be achieved with polished concrete too. Your decision needs to consider how much aggregate you want, what colour aggregate to use, and whether you prefer a matte, gloss or coloured finish.

Cool chic or warm and inviting: Last, but not least, give some thought to the overall focus of your renovation. Polished concrete can work really well if you’re going for ‘industrial chic’ for example, but can look entirely out of place with a softer, warmer palette.

Of course, as we always say here at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates, if you are considering a renovation with a future sale in mind, it is well worth chatting with one of our team before you make any final decisions. You might find that you will get better value from your sale by NOT doing any renovations at all, for example. Feel free to give us a call on 9430 0000.

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