Preparing for Spring

Preparing for Spring: Part 1

No doubt, there are a lot of Victorians that assume that all things real estate related have almost come to halt due to the introduction of Stage 4 restrictions.

However, the smarter folks among us will have realised that the time spent locked down up until September 13th is actually an ideal opportunity to attend to all those jobs around the house that we’ve been ‘meaning to get to’ for quite some time. Of course, this is particularly relevant to those homeowners who have been considering making a move later in the year, as the planned end of the current restrictions will coincide with the first couple of weeks of the Spring selling season. What a great opportunity to get your property ‘market ready’ while you’re spending so much time at home!

In this in mind, we thought we’d start by focusing on getting our outdoor living spaces in order.  Here’s a short list of some tasks you may want to consider:

Make a clean start: With Winter coming to a close, you’ll probably find lots of leaves, cobwebs, dust and grime has accumulated around your outdoor living areas. Start with a pressure clean, polish any glass that overlooks the area, degrease the barbecue, and refill any ponds that decorate the garden.

Refurnish: If you stored your outdoor furniture for the Winter, pull it out and give it a good clean. Be sure to thoroughly dust off and air out the cushions, umbrellas and other colour pieces.

Emphasise comfort: If your outdoor living zones are going to be an asset to your sale, they need to look inviting. Make sure there are comfortable places for keen buyers to sit.

Think about shade: Sunny days are hard to imagine now, we know, but when they arrive you will want to provide a shady spot for buyers to pause and appreciate what you have.

Show off your space: When buyers are looking at your outdoor living space, make sure they can fully appreciate the space to entertain their friends. Remove the clutter.

Fire the imagination: When the time comes to allow buyers in, your outdoor living zones should look ‘entertainment ready’. A few wine glasses on a table, a book on the lounge, they all help to set the scene.

Last, but definitely not least, one of the best ways to maximise your result when you sell your property is not to make mistakes in the first place. So be sure to talk to one of the Ian Reid team before you set your plans in concrete. Of course, you’ll find lots of helpful tips in our FREE booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, so feel free to download a copy while you’re here.