Selecting the right agent when you sell

Selecting the right agent based on deeds, not words

Here at Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy, one of the most important services we provide for home sellers is helping our clients through the process of selecting the right agent to handle their sale.

Don’t rely on what an agent says

In our experience, one of the most common mistakes made by sellers is selecting an agent based on what they tell you, rather than what they have done for other sellers like you. The fact is that many agents will try to win your business by talking about how much they will get you, how little it will cost you to sell, and how good they are.

It is important to understand that this is not the same thing as a proven track record in how well they market property, how well they handle inspections and deal with buyer’s questions, and how well they can negotiate a sale price.

Pay attention to what an agent does

When it comes to selecting the right agent, one of the benefits of asking Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy to assist you is that we have many years’ experience in selecting agents based on what that agent does, rather than what they say. Of course, this approach does require more in-depth research, but it places the home seller in a far better position when it comes to selecting the right agent for your situation, your property and your local market.

The right agent needs real negotiation skills

Given the strength of the current market, buyers are becoming more inclined to make offers as soon as they find the right property. In some cases, this could mean that offers are made well before a planned auction date, or the planned date for closing offers. In this situation, your agent needs to have the experience and skill to be able to handle any negotiations and to resolve it in a way that brings you the best result, whether that is a sale before auction or keeping the buyer interested until auction day.

Selecting the right agent means getting the right result

As we often explain to our clients, selecting the BEST agent is always your best option. However, even more importantly, choosing the wrong agent can be a very expensive mistake indeed.

This is why our team at Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy place such a strong emphasis on the process of helping you to select your agent. Our experience and knowledge of the real estate industry enables us to ask the right questions so that we can recommend the agent who has the marketing knowledge and negotiating skills to get you the best result. Of course, if you’re keen to avoid some of the other potential issues that can arise when you sell, be sure to get your FREE copy of our booklet, Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed, while you are here on our website.

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