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Stand out from the crowd when selling

When preparing a property for sale, some home owners make the mistake of assuming that “doing what everyone else does” will be enough to impress prospective purchasers. However, as anyone in marketing will tell you, this is not a strategy that will necessarily help you stand out from the crowd in the minds of the buyers. Every sellers wants their home to be the first property that buyers think of after a long day of house-hunting.

A highlight will help you stand out from the crowd

One way to do this without having to spend a great deal of money is to create “a highlight” within the home that helps make your home more memorable. In the past, we’ve seen some sellers achieve this with the use of a feature wall or two, often with a bright, contrasting paint colour. In other cases, some renovators have used a feature wallpaper service to create a mural, often personalising them with the use of a personal photo of a favourite scene. As you can see in the photo, this approach can produce a truly memorable result in a variety of settings from living areas to bedrooms.

Colour can help you stand out from the crowd

Even the use of smaller colour highlights in unexpected places can be effective. Something as simple as a brightly coloured toilet cistern or door, or an unexpected feature light fitting, can make a difference. Of course, as we’ve mentioned in other posts, floor-to-ceiling mirrors can add space and light to what might otherwise be an unappealingly small room.

Another idea is to consider ways that will sell a particular lifestyle benefit of your home. For example, if you have a memorable outdoor entertaining area, is it worth thinking about having bi-fold doors installed to emphasise this area and “sell the sizzle’ while buyers are still inside the home?

In the end, decisions like these come down to understanding exactly who your buyers will be, and why they will find your property appealing. Before you spend any money at all, make sure you talk to someone who knows the market and the buyers well. One option is to have an experienced Property Stylist visit to offer their advice, so feel free to call our Customer Service team to arrange this.

Of course, if you would like a free copy of our booklet “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, which will help you avoid making all sorts of expensive mistakes when you sell, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 9430 0000.

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