staying sale as winter arrives

Staying safe as Winter arrives

With the official start of Winter kicking off on the 1st of June in Australia, this seems like a good time to remind people to be aware of a few hazards that tend to crop up at the change of the season. This is particularly the case in 2020, with so many people spending more time at home curing the Covid-19 lockdown.

Given the high number of homeowners who have been undertaking a few DIY improvements while isolating, one obvious area to be aware of is anything related to heating. Hopefully you have used qualified professionals for any work that involved electrical or gas appliances, but you still need to be careful with any cosmetic changes you’ve made that are in contact with, or nearby, you heaters if you are turning them on for the first time since last Winter.

You should also be careful with transportable heaters which may not have been used for a long time, as accumulated dust and spider webs can be a potential fire hazard. Checking your ducts to ensure they are not blocked will help your heating perform efficiently, and if you haven’t had a carbon monoxide test done for a year or two, now is the time to organise one.

Another area of the home that is often overlooked, particularly in recent years, is the collection panels for a solar power or solar hot water system. Having these regularly cleaned and checked will help to ensure that they are working at maximum efficiency.

While you’re casting a watchful eye around the roof, don’t forget to check the gutters. Keep in mind that the worst time to discover that your gutters or downpipes are blocked is during the first big downpour of Winter, when water starts coming through the ceiling and down your electrical wiring!

As we often advise our clients, if you are considering a renovation as part of preparations for a sale, it is always wise to have a talk with one of the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates before you commit to major expenses. And while you’re planning your sale, be sure to make use of the helpful tips in our booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”. You can download a free while you’re here.