sustainable home improvements in Melbourne

Sustainable home improvements in 2019

Some home owners have been reconsidering their property plans as a result of the uncertainty the real estate market has experienced over the past year or so. This has resulted in some Victorians weighing up whether to focus their efforts on updating their current property rather than moving to a new home. For some, this could involve a few cosmetic changes to give the home a fresh look. For others, however, the priority may well be to incorporate more sustainable home improvements within the home.

If you’re in the latter category, here’s an outline of some of the more popular sustainable home improvements that people are considering in 2019.

Solar panelling

While it can be expensive to set up initially, solar power and/or hot water can provide real benefits in the long run. Solar power enables people to save money on their energy bills, and can attract a State Government rebate to reduce the costs. However, if you are considering installing solar panels and have not yet applied to Solar Victoria for a rebate, you will need to wait until applications open again on 1 July 2019. So, make sure you check all the details before you commit.

Double glazing

Whilst double glazing is more common in the northern hemisphere, double glazing around your home is one of those sustainable home improvements that can reduce your need for heating in winter as well as helping to regulate summer temperatures. Ventilation systems can also be used in conjunction with double glazing, further reducing the need for air conditioning as well as making life easier for family members who suffer from environmental sensitivities such as asthma.

Water conservation

Another way to introduce sustainable home improvements is to look at your water conservation options. A rainwater tank can help you recycle rainwater for garden and toilet use. This can also reduce runoff after storms which, in turn, can be bad for local streams and rivers.

More information

If you are interested in finding out more about possible sustainable home improvements, you can go direct to the Green Building Council website, including information on an upcoming Green Building Day event in Melbourne, by CLICKING HERE…

When it comes to making the most of your existing home, however, including maximising your result when you sell, you’ll find lots of helpful advice in our free booklet, “FATAL REAL ESTATE TRAPS EXPOSED”.

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