work from home tips

Are you ‘work from home’ ready?

There are a lot of Victorians being asked to work from home at the moment and,  not surprisingly, this is causing a fair degree of turmoil in many people’s living arrangements…particularly if you have school age children who are staying home as well.

Whilst everyone will approach the task of working away from your normal workplace differently, we thought we would provide a few simple tips on how to set up a work from home environment that allows you to work productively whilst minimising disruption to your daily life at home.

Here’s a few ideas.

Define your work zone.

Try, if you can, to clearly define your work zone from the rest of your home. This will help you to define where your work starts and stops each day. Not only will this help you to remind other members of your household when you are working, and therefore in need of peace and quiet, but it will help reduce interruptions during work time as well.

Get organised

If you are not used to working within a home environment, you will find that time spent organising your workspace and creating efficient storage will help make your work time more productive.

Comfort is important

In order to work productively, you need to be comfortable and look after yourself. For example, if you are used to sitting in an ergonomic chair in your workplace, a kitchen chair at home will not be a long-tern solution.

Keep your technology close

In many people’s homes, you often find different technology in different rooms. If you are going to work from home, ensure that the tech that you use most often is all at your fingertips. Otherwise you will find yourself constantly leaving your desk to print, scan or check information.

Don’t work in the dark

In many people’s homes, the ‘computer area’ is often tucked away from high traffic areas with minimal natural light. If you are going to be spending a large part of the day in this part of the home, ensure you have access to light, and hopefully a window with a view outside.

Time to unwind

Last, but not least, be aware that one of the biggest traps for those who work from home in the longer term is the difficulty of ‘switching off’ at the end of each day. Set some limits that the whole family is aware of and make a daily plan that includes time to unwind at the end of work time.

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