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So you’re ready to sell your home…what’s next?”

One of the things that we are constantly reminded of here at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates is that the decision to sell up and move is rarely an easy one. Weighing up whether the time is right to sell your home involves many different emotions, particularly when there are so many memories that are linked with your own home. The decision involves far more than simply finance and “bricks and mortar”.

Deciding to sell your home is just the start

Once you’ve made the decision to put your property on the market, most home owners tend to focus on the result at the end of the process. Not surprisingly, the price they hope to achieve tends to be the factor that people concentrate on. However, what many sellers overlook until it’s too late is clarifying the steps they can take to maximize their chances of achieving the best possible result. This is where the team at Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocates can help.

Assistance all the way when you sell your home

Most people only go through the process of selling a property a few times in their life. So it’s likely that, even if you have some past experience of selling a home, the real estate industry has changed substantially since your last dealings with the property market. There are always new tactics being used by agents to try to win your business, some of which have the potential to be quite misleading. So when the time comes to select the right agent, and the right strategy for selling your home, it pays to have an experienced and objective advisor by your side…particularly when this service doesn’t cost you one cent extra to have it!

Consider all the factors when you sell your home

Successfully selling your home involves a lot more than just choosing the right agent. You need to decide on the right marketing strategy, and set the right marketing budget. You need to decide whether to sell your home at auction, through a private sale, or you could consider our unique Sale by Fixed Date approach. You also need to make crucial decisions about choosing the right buyer enquiry range, the right timing to launch your property onto the market, when to hold inspections, and more.

Sell your home without the stress

There are many different ways that Ian Reid Vendor Advocates can help you sell your home, and not all of them are immediately obvious. In fact, one way we can help you right now is to provide you with lots of tips on how to avoid the traps that can cost you so much when you sell your home, so be sure to download a free copy of our booklet, “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, which you can obtain while you’re here on our website. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to one of our helpful Customer Service team you can call us on 9430 0000.

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