agent comparison websites

Avoiding agent comparison websites

With the arrival of Spring, some Melbourne home owners will be considering surfing the internet to find try and find the right agent to sell their home. However, experience has taught us that there are several important reasons to avoid using one of those generic agent comparison websites if you want to find the best agent in your area.

Here’s some of the information an agent comparison website is unlikely to provide:

  • An agent comparison website usually adds several ‘out of area’ agents so that they appear to provide a wide choice, rather than giving you a concentration of agents that specialise in your area;
  • You won’t find all the BEST agents in your area, because the best agents take pride in the service they offer, (so they won’t want to be seen alongside agents that don’t provide the same level of service);
  • You won’t get personalised service and assistance from an agent comparison website, nor will they provide you with an objective analysis of the performance of different agents, or a recommendation of which agent will get you the best result;
  • You also won’t get an experienced property professional who will stand by your side throughout the entire sale, dealing with the agent on your behalf to ensure you get the most cost-effective marketing strategy and the very best possible price; and
  • You won’t get a higher level of service than you’ll get if you go direct to the agent.

What you WILL get from a typical agent comparison website is:

  • Someone who expects a cut of the agent’s commission, without contributing anything to the end result;
  • Lower quality agents who are unable to generate quality business against the better quality agents, (because they are also unable to generate quality results for their vendors);

Are looking for an experienced property professional who will not only help you choose the BEST possible agent in the area, but who will also work closely with that agent to ensure you get the best possible campaign, and the best possible result? Then don’t hesitate to have a chat with an Advocate from Ian Reid Vendor Advocates.

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