conflict of interest in real estate

Avoiding a conflict of interest when you sell

If you were to conduct a survey of Australian home owners about their experiences when selling their homes, one of the most common issues they tend to talk about is dealing with real estate agents who over-promised, but under-delivered, on the service they could provide. It’s a long-standing problem, and one that comes about because of an obvious conflict of interest.

A conflict of interest for agents

Consider the typical process once you decide to sell your house. Most people will call a few of the leading agents in the local area to discuss the best way to sell the property. However, when you think about, the agent’s first priority is NOT to provide you with accurate advice. Their number one priority is to do whatever they can to win your business. Unfortunately, this means they will feel obligated to paint the most positive picture possible of the market and your likely selling price, rather than the most accurate.

As you may already know, it was this conflict of interest that was a key motivation for Ian Reid to found Ian Reid Vendor Advocates in the first place.

An experienced Advocate can solve this problem

When you appoint Ian Reid Vendor Advocates to act on your behalf, your Advocate can be the only person you need to deal with from start to finish. As a totally independent advisor, we will sit down and go through all your options calmly and thoroughly. Having interviewed the various agents on your behalf, and having assessed each agent’s proposals, we can help you sort the facts from the fiction, helping you to select the best possible option for your personal circumstances. Importantly, there is no additional cost to you for having all this pressure taken off you.

Providing peace of mind when you sell

Selecting the right real estate agent for your sale is just one of the ways we provide peace of mind for home sellers across Victoria. Indeed, if you’re interested in finding out some of the other ways we can help you avoid all the traps when selling, you can get a FREE copy of our booklet “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, while you’re here. Of course, if you have any questions, you can call us any time on 1300 400 400.