choosing the right way to sell

Choosing the right way to sell

With the official start of the Spring market now just six weeks away, many Victorian homeowners will have begun the process of preparing their property for sale. Not surprisingly, one of the most important questions that they will be asking is how to go about choosing the right way to sell.

Here at Ian Reid Vendors Advocates, we know that there is no “one size fits all” answer to choosing the right way to sell. At the end of the day this decision comes down to your own personal preferences, your planned timeline, and what you are comfortable with.

There are more choices when choosing the right way to sell

In the past, real estate agents usually only offered two options when selling your property…private sale or auction. Each method has its “pros and cons”, depending on the market at the time, the type of property you own, the area you live in and your preferred timeline.

As many of our happy clients can tell you, when you use Ian Reid Vendor Advocates there is a unique and highly successful “third option” which can solve the dilemma for some people when choosing the right way to sell.

Choosing the method that suits you

Depending on your location and your situation, we might recommend either a private sale or an auction when choosing the right way to sell your property. However, in the right circumstances we could also a method that combines the best features of both approaches, a marketing strategy called “Sale by Fixed Date”.

How does Sale by Fixed Date work?

Our Sale by Fixed Date technique includes a concentrated marketing period like the auction, with a deadline that encourages prompt action by potential buyers. This strategy allows and encourages buyers to make offers before the deadline, and enables all parties to negotiate rather than feeling pressured to meet specific terms in a public forum such as an auction.

Extra options for property sellers

The Sale by Fixed Date was developed by our team to be a more user friendly and less stressful way of selling. The important thing to remember is that your Advocate will be able to discuss all your options with you and recommend which method of sale will best suit you and your needs.

If you are considering making a move in 2019, and would like some experienced advice on anything from preparing your property for sale to choosing the right way to sell it, don’t hesitate to call on the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates for any advice or assistance.

You’ll also find plenty of useful tips in our booklet “Fatal Real Estate Traps Exposed”, which you can download for free while you’re here.