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Colour trends to watch out for in 2022

For many homeowners, one of the most obvious effects of spending so much time at home over the past year or two is an increased awareness of the updates we’d like to make to our homes. Given that one of the most common forms of home improvement is to pull out the paint brushes and rollers for a change of colour scheme, we thought you might be interested in knowing what the experts are forecasting as the trending colours for the coming year.

These forecasts are assembled after designed experts and data analysts conduct a study of one of the world’s leading graphic design websites to understand what colours are being used around the world by professional graphic designers, and what colours are used in the images that gain the greatest impact in all forms of digital marketing.

This year’s study revealed four main colours that are expected to increase in usage in 2022. They included:

Green. Given its calming properties, it is no surprise that green is expected to continue to have an impact, just as it has over the past year as people attempt to find comfort in these turbulent times.

Pink. Whilst hot pink had its moment a little while ago, many designers are saying that the softer hues of pink will be particularly popular in the coming year.

Coral. Similar but different to the shade above, coral is another shade that is often associated with a calming influence as well as having a sense of nostalgia about it.

Violet. This is certainly the boldest of the four selected shades, but we are already seeing violet popping up as a highlight colour in an increasing number of homes recently. Just remember, with colours as strong as this one, less is usually more.

As we always say in these posts, it is important to differentiate between those decorating ideas that you want to enhance your own lifestyle, and those that you want to use to simply prepare your property for sale.

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