obtaining a building inspection

Should I get a Building Inspection?

Here at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates, our team takes a great deal of pride in helping homeowners across Victoria to make the most of their property dealings. We are probably best known for our strong track record in assisting property sellers, however a growing number of clients are also discovering the benefits of working with Ian Reid Buyer Advocates. A Buyer Advocate assists home buyers to make the most of their property purchases. One role that we do leave to others, however, is conducting a Building Inspection.

The role of a building inspection

One piece of advice that many home buyers receive from friends and relatives is to get an independent building inspection done prior to finalising their purchase. Not every buyer follows this advice, but even fewer seem to know what a property inspection involves, and what information it will provide.

The fact is that there are a wide variety of property inspection services available, and they are conducted by an equally wide variety of people. Some are builders, some are handymen, some are architects, and some are pest experts. Be aware that some seem to have little or no formal qualifications at all!

Getting the right building inspection

If you are arranging a pre-purchase building inspection it is worth asking what kind of guarantees the inspector provides. Some inspectors will provide a form of insurance to cover any major structural faults that merge within 12 months of the building inspection, some provide no guarantees at all. Some inspectors will also provide cost estimates for any repair works that they identify during their inspection.

Some home buyers prefer to ask a family member or a friend who has experience and knowledge of the building industry to look at the property. Just remember that if someone is doing the inspection as a favour, they may well be saving you a few dollars, but there are no guarantees if problems emerge later.

Your expectations of a building inspection

One fact that many people overlook is that no property is ever entirely without fault. If you look hard enough even a brand-new home will have some aspects that you may consider less than perfect. unlikely to be perfect.  You also need to keep in mind that when you ask someone to conduct a building inspection, they will feel obligated to find something to report, no matter how minor it may be. So, if you are looking at buying an established home, don’t expect to receive a “perfect bill of health”.

The value of experience

If you are at all unsure about making the right decisions when buying a home or sourcing the right advice on a property you like, it’s worth talking to Ian Reid’s experienced Buyer Advocates. They can steer you through the entire process and help you achieve a tremendous saving in both time and money.

Remember, if you have any questions, you can call our friendly Customer Service team on 9430 0000 or visit THE IAN REID BUYER ADVOCATES WEBSITE.