Home improvement prioritiies

Home improvement priorities

There’s no doubt that one of the results of the various lockdowns we’ve endured in Victoria over the past year and a half is that many people are viewing their homes differently. After all, when you’re forced to spend more time interacting with something than in the past, your perceptions are bound to change.

With this in mind, it was interesting to read a survey that was conducted in the middle of the lockdown which found that rather than spending money on holidays interstate or overseas, more than half of Australian homeowners said that their first priority during the coming year would be to spend money on home improvement.

The survey of over 1,000 Australians living in metropolitan and regional areas in all states also found that there were some very clear priorities on what improvements those respondents wanted to tackle.

The top five priorities were:

  • Landscaping. There’s a definite emphasis on the living environment at the moment, with 26 per cent of survey respondents naming the landscaping as their primary home improvement focus. Decking, pergolas and paving all feature prominently here.
  • Painting. This has always been a task that is easily tackled by most DIY fans, so it’s not surprising that 17 per cent of respondents named re-painting as the top of their to do list.
  • Kitchen. It’s often regarded as the heart of the home, so none of us would be surprised that 15 per cent of Aussies are looking at updating their kitchen in the near future.
  • Bathrooms. The other half of the ‘dynamic duo’ of rooms that can make or break a sale, it seems that 14 per cent of homeowners are viewing a bathroom update as their first concern.
  • Floor coverings. This has become an increasing popular form of home improvement in recent years, whether it involves recarpeting, retiling or replacing existing surfaces with feature timber boards.

Of course, if you are considering these or other forms of home improvement, but are also considering selling and moving in the foreseeable future as well, then the best form of home improvement of all could be experienced professional advice. You wouldn’t be the first homeowner to discover that your home might actually be more marketable in its current condition without spending time and money on updating it!

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