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New home builders adding a ‘Wellness’ factor

Here at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates we like to keep an eye on new trends in home building. Obviously not all of the ‘newest and brightest’ ideas have an impact. Indeed, some of them are little more than a fleeting ‘blip on the radar’. But it’s always fascinating to see what the new home builders will come up with to create a point of difference in a highly competitive market.

One new idea from one of the better-known new home builders that caught our eye is the inclusion of an in-home ‘Wellness Intelligence’ platform as a standard feature in all its new home packages.

According to the new home builders’ press release the new system, which they refer to as an Automated Real Estate Wellness Intelligence Network, features home automation that monitors and controls air and water quality, as well as providing an automatic ‘circadian’ lighting program to mimic the sun. The spiel tells us that the system is backed by seven years of scientific research on how our indoor environments can impact our health and wellbeing.

Whilst some people will, of course, view innovations like this with scepticism, we only have to look back to events like Melbourne’s thunderstorm-related asthma event in November 2016, which caused several fatalities and put many more people in hospital, to understand the impact that the quality of our air can have.

Indeed, with some estimates putting the amount of time that we spend indoors as high as 90%, it is not surprising that some new home builders are saying that our built environment has the potential to be a major contributor to our overall health and well-being.

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