Tips on opening your home for inspection

Opening your home for inspection

Whilst opening your home for inspection is considered ‘a given’ by many sellers nowadays, there are still a few people who are reluctant to do this when they sell. In our experience, here at Ian Reid’s Vendor Advocacy, not scheduling regular Open Houses when you sell is a big mistake. In fact, we believe that opening your home for inspection is one of the best ways to promote your property and achieve a high price. Here are some of the reasons:

Buyers prefer Open Houses

If you’re not opening your home for inspection, many buyers will make it a lower priority than those homes which are open for their inspection. Buyers plan their house shopping schedule very carefully. They focus on open for inspection times as they enable them to see more homes in one day than they can in a week of trying to make private appointments through agents. More often than not, they simply won’t find the time to make a special appointment to see your property.

You can display your home at its best

If you insist on private appointments, it is simply impossible to present your property perfectly every time the agent rings to show someone through. No-one can keep their home at inspection standard seven days a week when they’re living in it at the same time. If you schedule specified open for inspection times each week, you can focus on presenting the home at its best at those times. This increases your chances of achieving the best price, and it puts you in control of your buyer’s perceptions…which is right where it should be.

It gives you control of your life

Let’s face it, having to spend time preparing your house every time the agent rings with another inspection (whether the time suits you and your plans or not), then having to get out while the inspection takes place, is not easy. Wouldn’t it make sense to leave your home just once or twice a week at pre-planned times, when your home is looking at its very best, while multiple groups of buyers inspect at the same time?

Opening your home for inspection gets a better price

When your home is properly promoted and open for inspection at controlled times, all those buyers get a first-hand insight into how many buyers are also interested in your property.

Those same buyers will soon be competing to buy your home, worried that if they don’t put their best offer forward, the property will go to someone else. This fear of loss can help to ensure that you get all the best offers that the market can provide.

Opening your home for inspection is the best strategy for achieving the best possible offer. It’s actually quite simple…tell more people you’re selling, attract more buyers to your home, generate more offers, and achieve a better price. That’s why opening your home for inspection works.

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