Making a sea change

Thinking about making a sea change?

Whilst many of the decisions that people make as they approach retirement are financial, there is a key question that is more geographical in nature…are we going to stay in the “family nest” or plan a complete change of lifestyle. For many of us, the decision to make that change involves two key options, tree change or sea change?

The appeal of moving to a seaside location is obvious, particularly after so many of us have been confined due to Covid-19. In fact, there are studies that have shown that people who live close to oceans, lakes and rivers tend to feel more relaxed and in better health than those who don’t.

However, if you are considering making a sea change, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions to ensure that your move ends up being a positive one.

Why? It may seem an odd question at first, but it’s important to understand why you are considering a sea change in the first place. Are you drawn towards a particular lifestyle, or are you escaping from your current lifestyle? The answer to this question could help you decide whether a sea change is actually what you really want.

What? Assuming you’ve confirmed your answer to the question above, the next step is to ask particular lifestyle benefits you have imagined, along with what services you will need on a regular basis. For example, if you are keen on boating, you need to ensure you will have close access to a boat ramp or moorings. However, if you need regular access to a particular medical service, this will help you narrow down the options as well.

When? Deciding on the ideal time to make a move will come down to your current circumstances, and your answer to the question above. Are their upcoming family events that will require your regular attendance? Do you still have some employment commitments? Or are you thinking of moving to an area where there is a strong tourist season that might impact on property prices at different times of year?

Where? Once you’ve answered the first three questions, this one becomes much easier. You’ll know what services and facilities you need, what lifestyle priorities you have, and what size of town will best meet your needs.

Of course, whether you need assistance finding the right property, or help in selling your current home in order to make the move, the team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates can help, so why not give us a call on 9430 0000 today to talk through your options?

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