Updating your outdoor lighting

Updating your outdoor lighting

It’s difficult to believe right now, we know, but the official end of Winter is just a few weeks away. This means that a lot of Victorian homeowners will be thinking about making use of their outdoor living areas again. With this in mind, it’s worth remembering that updating your outdoor lighting can make a real difference to your home and your lifestyle for a relatively small investment of time and money.

However, before you head to the hardware store to pick up a few lighting kits, it’s important to consider where and how you want to use your outdoor lighting. You can place lights almost anywhere, but here are a few of the options you may want to think about.

Pathways: A well-lit path a great way to welcome guests and it’s a real plus where safety and security is concerned. Downlighting can be effective here as it won’t shine in people’s eyes, and don’t forget the option of individually lit pavers.

Driveway: Low-voltage landscape lighting outlining your driveway can make a welcoming first impression on guests.

Steps: If you have steps up to your front entrance, or down to a patio, you can light the risers or the treads for safety as well as visual appeal.

Decks and patios: You highlight a specific area such as an outdoor kitchen or firepit, or create a more general lighting effect by uplighting from the floor to a ceiling or pergola.

Pergolas: Strategic lighting is a great way to enhance a specific architectural feature or unusual angles.

Outdoor features: Highlighting specific elements in the garden is a great way to enhance your entertaining areas. For example, a wide beam of light aimed at a wall from a few metres away can create a washed effect, whilst using a light to graze a wall from below can create interesting shadows and highlights. Both will provide an accent to nearby plants.

Today’s low-voltage lighting systems are safe and economical, and can often be installed with relative ease. However, don’t forget that you are still dealing with electricity. So take care and always seek the assistance of a qualified electrician, even if it’s only to ensure that your exterior power outlets are grounded and equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Of course, if you are considering updating your outdoor lighting with a future property sale in mind, stop! An obligation-free chat with one of our team at Ian Reid Vendor Advocates could save you from spending money on changes that won’t make an impact on your eventual sale price. You’ll also find lots of other helpful advice about making the most of your property sale in “FATAL REAL ESTATE TRAPS EXPOSED”, our free booklet which you can download from this website.